Retired Racing Greyhound Adoption

           "Flyer" & "Creek"
  Adopted by Jim & Ellen Mathers
              Lurcher "Razor"
  Adopted by Gary & Genevieve
        Four shades of Grey!!
       And then there were 3!!!    
  Adopted by Ellen & Jim Mathers
       Magic portraying a true  
            "couch potato"
                    Available and Adopted
BEAST MODE "Beast" is a beautiful 5yr old black male. He's friendly and calm and prefers the company of another dog. Beast is curious about smaller breeds but not aggressive. He is said to be cat workable, meaning he needs someone with experience , and a bold cat to introduce them properly. He has mastered stairs and according to his foster parents is not afraid of thunder storms or noisy crowds. He has had no accidents and is learning the "down" command for meals and treats. What a smart boy!!!